Olivia Culpo attends Variety’s Power of Women: Los Angeles at the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons Hotel on October 12, 2018 in Beverly Hills,CA. In our gallery, you can find +100 HQs from this event!

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Olivia Culpo for Grazia Australia Print Edition #4. In an interview, she’s asked about being a model, winning Miss Universe and acting. You can read a full interview HERE

I fell in love with acting when I had my first casting as a model which was when I was in college. It was for a coffee maker machine. I showed up and didn’t realize I had to act. There was a man in the room and we had to pretend we were doing this whole breakfast scene and I just felt so exhilarated afterwards. I had been put on the spot and I ended up getting that job.

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Olivia Culpo was photographed having fun with boyfriend Danny Amendola at the beach in Miami, FL on September 25, 2018. It’s awesome to see her play some football, don’t you think?

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In our gallery, you can find screen captures of Olivia Culpo in Model Squad Season 01 Episode 1-3. We’ll be adding rest of the episodes of course but without 4th since Olivia didn’t participate in it. Hope you enjoy!
Episode 01:

Episode 02:
Episode 03:

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Olivia Culpo for Modeliste Magazine October 2018. You can check out HERE or in our gallery interview with Olivia where she answers 20 questions like her favorite country to visit, what superpower would she like to have, secret talent and much more things you probably had no idea about!

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On September 04, 2018 Olivia Culpo appeared on Good Morning New York FOX 5 due ‘Model Squad’ Documentary that aired the same day. We got many pictures of Olivia from the show in our gallery + backstage.

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