Shopping in Beverly Hills

Olivia Culpo was spotted Christmas shopping in Beverly Hills, CA on November 27, 2019.
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Harper’s Bazaar

Olivia Culpo was photographed by Manny Roman in the beautiful scenery of New York City for Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam October 2019 Issue.
Down below you can read translation of the interview.
HARPER’S BAZAAR: Congratulations on your role in the movie Reprisal (2018). How did you feel about filming with Bruce Willis and Frank Grillo?
Olivia: I just thought I was dreaming! Bruce Willis is the name of the legend. He’s very charming. Frank has a lot of acting skills. I learned a lot from him while shooting. Through this movie, I came to love acting and I hope I have more opportunities like this in the future.
HARPER’S BAZAAR: With what actors would you like to work with?
Olivia: Oh, there’s so many. I recently worked with Luke Wilson. He was so funny, I couldn’t help but laugh. When it comes to action movies, I always dreamed of working with Will Smith or Ryan Reynolds. I also look forward to appearing in a musical, because I sing and play violoncello. It would be great if I could learn from Meryl Streep or Hugh Jackman.
HARPER’S BAZAAR: What are your latest projects for 2019?
Olivia: This year I have many film projects. Earlier this summer, I was in Monaco filming “The Swing Of Things”. I will appear in a series of dramas and movies. Expected to be released later this year. At the end of August, I started shooting for an indie movie. Of course, although I’m busy, I don’t forget about my YouTube channel.
HARPER’S BAZAAR: Can you name one difficult thing about your work?
Olivia: I think this depends on my daily mood. If I’m tired, maybe that day’s work will be harder than expected. The way I overcome it is to find a balance between work and family. Of course, I love my work. No matter how difficult it is, I just need to take a deep breath and remember about this feeling, then everything is calm again.


About Her Vulnerability
Olivia Culpo’s life isn’t perfect all the time, but that’s totally fine with her. The model and former Miss Universe reflected on sharing her struggles with the world on Instagram when she chatted exclusively with Access during a pizza-making event at Buca di Beppo for Best Buddies International


Olivia Culpo was pictured with her friend Cara Santana on August 06, 2019 walking around West Hollywood doing “El Paso Challange” inspired by an 11-year old Ruben Martinez to help Texas community to heal from a shooting that claimed the lives of 22 people.
On her Instagram story Olivia encourages others to join in and shared her own journey in which you could see her:
#1 buy someone’s groceries; #2,5,6,7, hand gift cards; #3 & #4 hold the bus and leave water at the bus stop; #7 holds the door; #8 buy someone’s gas; #9 gives a stranger a balloon; #10 get flowers for a stranger; #12 pay a meter; #14 & #15 let someone cut you in a line and pay for their coffee; #16 leave a generous tip ($25.00); #17 buy a banner for fan’s small business; #18 & #19 the gift of popcorn; #21 snack delivery; #22 pick up litter. Watch the video here!

Miami Swim Week – Day 1

Olivia Culpo attends the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2019 Model Search Open Casting Call During Miami Swim Week – Day 1 at the W Hotel on July 12, 2019 in Miami, Florida.

Women’s Health Magazine

Olivia Culpo was futured in July/August Issue of Women’s Health Magazine. Check out scans in our gallery!